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Hello Everybody!

Let me show you something different today ,

This may be a little old graphic game , but is really hard and interesting.

The World’s Hardest Game includes 30 levels in the First version.It also has the part II.The Game’s motive basically is to make the Red Square reach the last green path.In some levels the collection of coins is also required.The obstacles are referred blue dots in this game which generally are placed at different points to make the game more difficult. As the level increases , the game difficulty level increases.Instead of completing the game by minimum time to make high score , the minimum number of deaths are required.When we touch blue dots we die and the no. of deaths increase.It is a strategy game.

It might look complicated but just play the game and you’ll understand it very well.

Click Here, to play the game .(First Version)

(Opens in a new Window)

Hope you like it.